Headshots by Mitchell Williams 


Playing age:     25 - 35
Residence:       Bath, England
Eye colour:       blue-green
Hair colour:     hazelnut
Height:              5’9.5
Size:                   6-8 (UK)
Languages:       English ***, French **
Talents:             singing (mezzo-soprano),

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Film & TV 
2008 - 15 acting in films & TV shows under a different stage name before becoming a Christian

2018 - 23 Open the Book, Bible stories for children, School, Director: P. Faux
2019 Bible scene, Role: Mary, All Saints Church, Director: Meghan Searle

2013 Screen Acting, Edwards Hicks, RADA, London
2013 Camera Acting, workshop, Nancy Bishop, Cannes 
2011 - 12 Camera Acting, private tutoring, Nick Dong Sik, Cologne